ZWO ASI071MC Cooled Colour



16 mega pixel resolution with 14 bit ADC
4944 x 3284 array with 4.78µm pixels
Max FPS at full resolution :10FPS
Read Noise: 2.3e @24db gain
Full well capacity: 46ke

Deep, 2 stage thermo electric cooling.

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Product Description

Introducing ZWO’s most exciting camera yet – the brand new ASI071MC Cooled Colour Astronomy Camera. The ZWO ASI071MC Cooled is ZWO’s newest camera with superior capability and high quality image. It is an excellent choice for imaging deep sky objects.

ASI071MC Cooled Features at a glance

  • Well known DSLR sensor: Sony IMX071 APS-C (1.8″)
  • Regulated Two-stage Tec-Cooling: 35-40°C below ambient temperature
  • Very low read noise: 2.3e @ 24db gain – 3.3e @ lowest gain
  • 14Bit ADC: provides real 14bit Dynamic range
  • Electronic shutter: no vibration problem with mechanical shutter
  • USB3.0 Port (backward compatible with USB2.0): 10fps@4944X3284  134fps@320X240
  • AR coated chamber window: Transmission of the full visual spectrum and H-alpha
  • Controllable Anti-Dew window heater: you can turn it off to save power when not needed
  • External desiccant tube design: no need to open camera chamber
  • Compatible with windows/Mac OS/Linux

Field of view table for the ZWO ASI071MC Cooled

 Focal Length
 Field of View
(arc min)
 Image Scale
(arc sec/pixel)
400  203 x 135  2.46
600  135 x 90  1.64
 800  101 x 67  1.23
 1000  81 x 54  0.99
 1200  68 x 45  0.82

600mm focal length telescopes provide a field of view in excess of 2° x 1.5°

ASI071MC QE Curve
ASI071MC QE Curve


Diagonal 28.4mm
Resolution 16 Mega Pixels 4944X3284
Pixel Size 4.78µm
Max FPS at full resolution 10FPS
Shutter Rolling shutter
Exposure Range 64µs-2000s
ROI Supported
Read Noise 2.3e @24db gain
QE peak TBD
Full well 46ke
ADC 14bit
Interface USB3.0/USB2.0
Adapter M42X0.75
Chamber window AR window
Dimensions 78mm Diameter
Weight 500g
Back Focus Distance 17.5mm
Cooling Regulated Two Stage TEC
Delta T 35-40 below ambient
Cooler Power consumption 12V at 3A Max
Working Temperature -5°C—45°C
Storage Temperature -20°C—60°C
Working Relative Humidity 20%—80%
Storage Relative Humidity 20%—95%

Supported resolution
14Bit ADC
4944×3284 10fps
1920×1200 28fps
1280×1080 33fps
640×480 70fps
320×240 134fps

more resolutions are user defined

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