10 inch F4 Carbon Fibre Tube

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10 inch F4 Carbon Fibre Tube


Equip your Skywatcher or GSO Newtonian telescope with a Klaus Helmerich carbon fibre tube – and you will reduce the telescope’s weight significantly. At the same time, the thermal focus drift is reduced. You can use all your telescope parts – focuser, rings mirror cells – only the metal tube will be replaced with the carbon tube – all the bore holes will match the original metal tube.

Advantages of the Sidereal Trading carbon tube upgrade:

— All bores are already placed. You don’t have to drill on your own. All of your previous telescope parts (mirror cells, focuser, spider vanes, tube rings, …) can be used.

— You will have exactly the same focus position from the focuser – you will not have to change your accessories.

— The weight will be reduced and the tube will be more stable.

— The telescope will hold the precise focus position and collimation – this is important for astrophotography.

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