Astronomik ProPlanet 742 IR Pass Filters

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Astronomik ProPlanet 742 IR Pass Filters


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Main use of a ProPlanet 742

The Astronomik ProPlanet 742 IR cuts off the visible part of the spectrum and allows the light of wavelengths longer then 742nm to pass. Due to this behavior the part of the spectrum that is most sensitive to atmospheric distortion is rejected. This approach significantly improves images of planets and the moon.

Other uses

  • Besides astrophotography the filter allows you to get stunning results in nature photography. If an EOS-Clip Filter is used in an MC modified DSLR you get tremendously beautiful images of landscapes and planets in false colour. The filter cuts off the part of the spectrum where Chlorophyll looks green and shows its high reflectively in the near infrared. If trees are photographed in spring and summer under blue skies you get stunning images with white trees and clouds in front of a near black background.
  • Darkens the background during twilight.
  • Imaging of bright planets, stars and comets by day.
  • Imaging of young stars in dust clouds and stellar nurseries.



Astronomik Proplanet 742

Astronomik Proplanet 742

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