MoonLite CRL 2.5 inch Replacement Flanges

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MoonLite CRL 2.5 inch Replacement Flanges


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CRL model flanges can be swapped easily allowing the focuser to be used on multiple scopes.

Flange Removal

Flange Removal

How to change the flange on a CRL model focuser:

  • Use a 1/8 inch Allen wrench to back out the 3 set screws located 120 degrees around the upper flange part.
  • Back out the aluminum locking thumbscrew.
  • Twist and pull off the bottom flange part from the upper flange part. Note: white lithium grease will cause some sticktion when trying to pull them apart.
  • Install new flange, add some grease if needed.
  • Lightly snug up the 3 nylon tipped set screws so they just touch the new flanges radial dovetail. Then lightly snug them and rotate flange to desired resistance. Flange should be stiff but rotate smoothly.
  • Snug up aluminum thumbscrew to lock position.

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