NexDome Dome Rotation Kit

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NexDome Dome Rotation Kit


    Out of Stock (Can be Backordered)

    The NexDome Dome Rotation Kit is a plug an play and easy to use kit. Either rotate your dome using direction buttons or through your computer. This is the smallest, most cost effective and simplest dome rotation kit in the market. We have designed this kit using open source electronics and have made the software available as open source too. So if you want more functions out of this kit, then code your own and share with others. The driver is based on the latest ASCOM platform and other platforms for MAC and Linux will be available soon.


    Motor 12V Geared Stepper Motor
    Consumption Power 12V – 5 AMP
    Driver Platform ASCOM 6.2
    Home Sensor Type Magnetic
    One Full Rotation 96 Seconds
    Weight 15lbs.
    Power Supply  12V AC Adapter
    Tested Temperatures -60º to 120º F (-60º to 48º C)
    Warranty 1 Year

    Proudly Made in USA and Canada.



      • High quality PU dome track
      • 16 UHMW teeth drive gear
      • Drive Control Box (With WIFI connection for optional Shutters Kit)
      • Geared Stepper Motor
      • Gear bracket
      • AC Adaptor
      • Magnetic Sensor and brackets
      • Instruction Manual


      Need Some Help?

      Astrophotography can be a little complicated sometimes and there are a lot of options. If you'd like to check something before you purchase just let us know and we'd be happy to help!