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Sidereal Trading 8″ RC Telescope


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The Sidereal Trading 8 inch Ritchey-Chrétien features an Anti-reflection Flocked Metal Tube with a Rainbow Astro RSF-8 Secondary Mirror Motor Focuser,  an image train tilt adjustment Collimation Ring and an RSF-8 Fixed Focus Camera adapter. Based on the Guan Sheng Optical GSO RC8 the Sidereal Trading RC8 includes the following upgrades performed by Sidereal Trading.

  • Rainbow Astro RSF-8 Secondary Mirror Motor Focuser for GSO RC8 telescopes
  • Rainbow Astro RSF-CAM-ADAPTER Fixed Camera Focus Adapter
  • FF670 Collimation Ring for GSO RC6/RC8 telescopes
  • Internal Baffle Removal
  • Flocked Interior
  • Internal Focus Control Cable Installation
  • Basic Optical Collimation (Performed by Sidereal Trading)

Note that precision optical collimation can only be performed with the complete imaging train connected.

An optional 2″ Corrector / Field Flattener can be purchased separately.

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