TS-Optics 2″ to T2-thread, 40 mm optical length

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TS-Optics 2″ to T2-thread, 40 mm optical length


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TS Focal Adapter TSFA240 from 2″ to T2, with 40 mm optical extension length

The adapter fits into any 2″ receptacle and allows for connecting T2 accessories, like T2-rings for DSLR cameras or T2 adaptions (see recommended accessories. Additionally, the adapter adds 40 mm optical path.

What sense make 40 mm optical path:

Many telescopes with 2″ focusers have a focal plane far behind the focuser. First and foremost refractor telescopes, as they are designed for 2″ star diagonals. If you want to take photographs with them using a standard focal adapter, you have to extend the focuser far and possibly even have to use a 2″ extension tube. That reduces stability and causes tipping.

The TSFA240 provides both functions in one adapter. It adapts from 2″ to T2 and is a 40 mm extension at the same time. That is perfect for photography.

Further use as long adaptor from M48 to T2 for astrophotography
Many correctors have a very long working distance from the M48x0.75 thread to the position of the camera sensor. The TSFA240 has an optical path of 75.2 mm from the female M48 thread to the T2-thread. The T2-thread is not taken into account, as it disappears in the connection adapter.

Hence you can use the adapter for attaching your camera to corrector systems if the have a long working distance.


Connection at telescope side: 2″ barrel and female M48x0.75 thread (2″ filter thread)
Connection at camera side: T2-thread (M42x0.75), male
Optical path from the 2″ barrel: 40 mm
Optical path from the M48 thread: 75.2 mm
Length of the T2 thread: 5 mm

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