TS Optics Reinforced Mirror Cell Springs

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TS Optics Reinforced Mirror Cell Springs

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The original springs often used in standard mirror cells sometimes provide a counter pressure that is too low for a stable collimation. The TS coil springs are stronger and hold even heavier mirrors e.g. with 12″.

Our TS counter pressure springs fit:

  • All GSO Newtonian and Dobsonian telescopes
  • All ICS Dobsonians with red OTA
  • Skywatcher Newtonian and Dobsonians
  • Meade Newtonians and Dobsonians
  • and many more
Spring Installed (GSO)

Spring Installed (GSO)

Remove the old spring and replace it by the TS spring. No further parts or tools are needed.

Hint for DIY constructors: the springs are made of 1.3 mm wire and have an uncompressed height of 12 mm.

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