Universal Install Kit for CR Focusers

Universal Install Kit for CR Focusers


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Universal Install Kit

Universal Install kit for our CR model focusers. Fits all 5″, 6″,8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ Newtonian scopes such as Orion, Sky Watcher, Celestron , Vixen, GSO, Meade Light bridge, DBA, Hardin, Antares, Parks, and Astro Tech.

Universal Install Kit for CR Focusers

The Universal install kits feature up to 9 sets of tapped holes matching all of the popular bolt patterns used on Newtonian telescopes today. The install kit uses an aluminum 4″ by 4″ curve adapter plate drilled and tapped on both sides with 10-32 bolts on the top and smaller #5-40 bolts on the bottom. 1″ and 1/2″ aluminum riser spacer blocks and all spare bolts are included. The aluminum curve adapter plate bolts to the OTA from the bottom using small 5-40 cap head bolts, while the focuser bolts onto the curve adapter from the top using our standard 10-32 size bolts. It is an easy direct “bolt on” replacement. No need to drill new holes! Install kits come in many different curve sizes, please use pull down menu below to select the correct kit based on Mirror size! Example a 12″ kit has a diameter of 14″ machined in to the base. The kit include a 1″ and 1/2″ spacer that allows 4 deferent mounting positions for the focuser to operate at. The included spacers can be discarded if the user wants to mount the focuser in the lowest possible position, however in most cases the spacer will be needed to allow the low profile MoonLite focuser to match the original focusers height requirements. The install kit, with the ability to stack different spacers, provides flexibility to mount the focuser at any height required. Most customers pick the 2″ travel Compression style draw tube when selecting the focuser configuration along with this install kit. Additional 1/4″, 1/2″ and 1″ spacers are available in the Newtonian product section if a special mounting height is required.

Please note- The install kit does not work with focusers that use our swing filter option.

MN190 Install Kit

The MN190 install kit has a slotted holes to allow focusers position to be adjusted over the secondary. This particular install kit comes with a 1/2″ Spacer and does not require that the corrector be removed to install the focuser. The ideal CR drawtube pick for the MN190 is the 1.5″ travel comp ring drawtube for imaging, or the 2″ travel comp ring drawtube for visual use.

MN190 Install Kit

5″ Universal install kit

We now offer a 5″ Universal install kit that fits the SW130pds and clone scopes. This install kit comes with both a 1″ and 1/2″ Spacer and just one set of tapped holes on the bottom that match the SW130pds hole pattern.

5" Universal install kit

Note: The ideal CR drawtube pick for the SW130pds is the 1.5″ travel comp ring drawtube for imaging, or the 2″ travel comp ring drawtube for visual use.


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