ZWO 2inch Filter Drawer (M42)


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The ZWO 2-inch Filter Drawer is ideal for Duo-Band filters on single shot colour cameras.

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ZWO 2-inch Filter Drawer with 21mm ring design is independently developed by ZWO, which includes M42 * 0.75 external thread (camera side) and M48 * 0.75 internal thread (filter end), M48 * 0.75 internal thread (telescope side) as well. 

The double strong magnets create stronger adsorption, easier installation and pulling out.

Filter Drawer Detail

The is a lock screw on the side of it. The locking function is helpful on adjusting the tension to eliminate the gap, which is a double insurance for users.

Filter Drawer Detail

With the ability of double strong magnetic adsorption, it is more convenient and much easier to install or pull out the filter.

Filter Drawer with M42-M48 adapter

The filter drawer also comes with the M48-M42 adapter. You can use it with your camera or your telescope.

Mechanical Drawing

filter drawer mechanical drawing


M42 * 0.75 external thread (camera side)

M48 * 0.75 internal thread (filter end)

M48 * 0.75 internal thread (telescope side)

Suitable for 2-inch astronomical filters


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