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ZWO ASI290MM Monochrome


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The ZWO ASI 290MM is one of the newest members of ZWO’s camera range. Using a new Sony 2.1 mega pixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensor (IMX290LQR), it demonstrates excellent sensitivity in the visible and near infrared wavelengths making it ideal for astronomy. In fact the ZWO ASI290MM is thier best monochrome planetary camera.

The small 2.9 µm pixels and back illuminated architecture provides enhanced picture quality in low light while still realizing full HD capture. The benefit for astronomy is more than 2x the sensitivity in visible-light and more than 3x the sensitivity in near infrared over existing Sony sensors (eg: IMX236LQJ).

Capturing images with every single pixel collecting RED, GREEN and BLUE light produces unbeatable results. The excellent NIR characteristics allows the use of specialized filters like Astronomik IR642, IR742 and IR807 bandpass filters. Used as luminance filters deep in the red produces better resolution and sharper “seeing” than at short wavelengths

Couple the ZWO ASI290MM with the EFWmini filterwheel and Tele Vue Powermate to create the ultimate monochrome imaging setup.

ASI290MM EFWmini Filter Wheel

ASI290MM EFWmini Filter Wheel

ZWO ASI 290MM Specifications

Sensor 1/2.8″ CMOS IMX290
Resolution 2.1Mega Pixels 1936×1096
Pixel Size 2.9µm
Exposure Range 32µs-2000s
ROI Supported
ST4 Guider Port Yes
Focus Distance to Sensor 12.5mm
Shutter Type Rolling Shutter
Protect window AR coated window
Operating System Compatibility Mac, Windows, Linux
Bit rate 12bit output (12bit ADC)
Dimensions 62mm X 36mm
Weight 120g  (without lens)
Read Noise 1e at 30db gain
Full Well 14.6ke
ADC 12bit

ZWO ASI290MM Read Noise, Full Well, Gain Characteristics

ASI290MM Read Noise, Full Well, Gain Characteristics

ASI290MM Read Noise, Full Well, Gain Characteristics

What’s in the Box?

What's in the Box

What’s in the Box

  1. ZWO ASI290MM Camera Body with all sky lens
  2. 2 m long ST4 guider cable
  3. 1.25″ Cover
  4. M42-1.25″ T-Mount
  5. 2 m long USB3.0 cable
  6. Driver & Extra Software CD (Mac, PC&Linux Compatible)

Supported resolutions

1936×1096: 20.4
1280×960: 35.3
640×480: 141.5
320×240: 355.9
2X2Bin :968×548: 20.4

USB3.0 MAX FPS(12bit/10bit)
1936×1096: 82.2/170
1280×960: 93.6/193.9
640×480: 184/381.2
320×240: 355.9/737.5
2X2Bin :968×548: 82.2/170

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