ZWO ASI178MM-C Cooled Monochrome


ZWO ASI178MM-C with Sony IMX 178 sensor.

  • 6.4MP resolution with 2.4 micron pixels.
  • 3096 x 2080 pixel array.
  • TEC cooling to 35-40°C below ambient.


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Product Description

The brand new ZWO ASI178MM-C Monochrome Camera now allows the sensor to be cooled to 35C to 40C degrees below ambient!

With its back-illuminated Sony IMX178 chip you get the latest CMOS sensor technology including:

  • Back-illuminated SONY STARVIS sensor for outstanding low light sensitivity.
  • High resolution thanks to 6.4M pixel sensor with 2.4 micron pixels.
  • Excellent red/IR sensitivity with Sony’s Exmor R Technology.
  • Very low read noise of just 2.2e.
  • 14 bit ADC for high dynamic range.

The ZWO ASI178MM-C is very suitable for high resolution photography in astronomy and microscopy. The cooled ZWO cameras work uncooled without an external power. A 12V DC power supply with 2.5A capacity allows cooling to the specified 35-40°C below ambient.



Impressive specifications show full well depth, gain, read noise and Dyynamic Range.

178 Sensor Specifications
178 Sensor Specifications

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