Sidereal Trading Pty Ltd was established in 2017 to import NexDome personal observatories. Now, Sidereal Trading has grown to become a premier Astrophotography equipment supplier. Owned and operated by Astrophotographers, the staff understand the equipment and the skills required to produce excellent images of the night sky.

Sidereal Trading provides sponsorship of events that promote science and technology such as Star Stuff 2018 and major Victorian Star Parties such as The VicSouth Desert Spring Star Party and the Snake Valley Astronomy Camp.

Sidereal Trading also provides sponsorship to organisations that develop products that benefit the Astronomy and Astrophotography community such as Voyager Astrophotography Automation software and Cloud Free Nights weather prediction services.

Sidereal Trading is actively associated with Astronomy Clubs and Societies and offers a discount to their Members. Whether your interests lie in Nightscape Photography, Panoramas, Wide Field Milky Way or Deep Sky Nebula and Galaxies, Sidereal Trading can supply the astrophotography equipment you need.

Sidereal Trading Pty Ltd is the authorized Australia and New Zealand distributor for NexDome personal observatories, ScopeDome Australia professional observatories and Rainbow Astro harmonic drive mounts. We are also Australian distributors for Pegasus Astro power distribution and Lunatic Astronomical observatory control systems. We also carry a wide range of specialty products from trusted suppliers including: Klaus Helmerich carbon fibre tubes, Teleskop Service telescope parts and accessories, Primalucelab and Artesky astronomy products and Feather Touch focusers, QHYCCD and ZWO CMOS cameras, Sky-Watcher telescopes, Saxon telescopes and many other astronomy equipment suppliers.

In addition to our strong emphasis on quality products and our service-oriented sales and technical staff, Sidereal Trading Pty Ltd’s key strength is in our ability to work closely with customers to achieve the results they desire. This means blending our product advice and customer training capabilities to provide unparalleled end-user support.

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    Astrophotography can be a little complicated sometimes and there are a lot of options. If you'd like to check something before you purchase just let us know and we'd be happy to help!