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Telescope Mounts & Tripods

Telescope mounts and tripods are essential components in the field of astronomy, enabling stable and accurate observations. Mounts are mechanisms that hold telescopes, allowing them to move smoothly and track celestial objects as the Earth rotates.

Equatorial Mounts, aligned with the celestial poles, follow objects using right ascension and declination coordinates. Equatorial mounts are perfect for long exposure astrophotography.  Altazimuth Mounts are simpler, with vertical and horizontal axes and are suitable for casual visual observation.

Telescope Tripods and Telescope Piers provide a stable base for mounts and telescopes, reducing vibrations and ensuring steady views. High-quality materials like aluminium or carbon fibre enhance portability, while adjustable legs accommodate various terrains. A sturdy mount and tripod combination is vital for achieving clear and detailed astronomical images.


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