iOptron 1.35 kg Counterweight

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iOptron 1.35 kg Counterweight


    Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)

    This new 1.35 kg (3 lb) counterweight is designed for SkyGuider Pro and SkyTracker pro counterweight package (#3324), as well as other iOptron mounts.


    • Weight: 1.35 kg (3lb)
    • CW Shaft diameter: 20mm

    Supported mounts include:

    • SkyGuider Pro
    • SkyGuider
    • CubePro
    • Cube-A (Dual AltAz/EQ mounts)*
    • Cube-G*
    • Cube-E*
    • CEM25/ZEQ25
    • iEQ30 Pro/iEQ30
    • CEM40/CEM40EC* (early version with 20mm CW shaft)**
    • MiniTower/ II / Pro
    • AZ Mount Pro

    * It works together with CW shaft (#8607) for Cube-A/G/E.

    ** Check your CEM40/CEM40EC mount CW shaft diameter before ordering.

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