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A star in Corona Borealis is about to go WOOF!!

We’re about to see a nova! Most of us know what a supernova is – a titanic bang that happens when a red giant collapses and explodes. But what’s a nova? A smaller version of the same thing? Well, if the weather holds, you might be about to see one for yourself. Low in the...

Using the WeMacro Rail to photograph the Sundew, an insectivorous plant

A plant that eats animals Drosera capensis is an insectivorous plant native to South Africa. Sundews thrive in low-nutrient soil because they’re able to gather their nutrients from “other sources” (mwa ha ha!). Because other species do poorly in these areas, Sundews have an advantage. D. capensis is similar to the native Sundew species we...

Autoguiding: how much is good enough?

Autoguiding has revolutionised astrophotography. While your main imaging camera is off doing its job, a second camera keeps an eye on a star – any star – in the telescope’s field. If your mount begins to drift off target, the computer that’s looking through this second camera notices straight away. The computer then sends a...