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WeMacro manufactures automatic focus stacking rails and accessories for extreme macro-photography.

The WeMacro rail is a versatile and precise tool for macro photography of flora, fauna, or small objects. The motorized focusing rail uses a stepper motor to move the camera forwards and backwards, and can also release the shutter of the camera. Its smooth and silent movement minimises vibration, which allows photographers to take many images of a subject from different distances without touching either the camera or the subject.

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In a process known as focus stacking, these images are integrated to produce sharp and crisp close-up shots with exceptional depth of field.

The rail’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use in the field or studio setups. It can be controlled through either a phone app or a computer, so photographers can automate their focus adjustments for efficiency and consistency.

For more information, see our blog about macrophotography with the WeMacro Rail.

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