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Chamaeleon Molecular Cloud (Image: Anne-Marie McComb)

Sky-Watcher ESPRIT


ESPRIT ED Professional – Super APO Triplet Refractors

Sky-Watcher Professional ESPRIT 3-Element ED Apochromatic Refractors are instruments of the highest quality with optical performance rivalling or exceeding similar telescopes of even the most famous high-end telescope brands. The ESPRIT Super Apo Triplets are designed for the most demanding astro-imagers, but are also fine telescopes for visual observations. The premium, superbly-corrected optical systems deliver high-contrast images full of detail and zero detectable colour fringing, even on the brightest of objects.

Features include:

  • 3-Element Objective Lens, including one Ohara FPL-53 ED element
  • Rotatable, High Load Capacity CNC machined 11:1 Dual-Speed
  • Linear Power Focuser, with indexed scale
  • Zero detectable Colour Fringing even on bright objects
  • Metallic High-Transmission lens coatings
  • Knife-edge baffled optical systems
  • High-precision mechanical components
  • Aluminium OTA material (superior to plain carbon-fibre for this application).

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