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ATR3CMOS Series DSO Cameras

Deep-sky cameras are designed for long exposures on large deep-sky objects such as star clusters, nebulas or galaxies.

Typical deep-sky cameras have larger sensors to handle the wide fields of view required. They may also have larger pixel sizes for additional sensitivity as well as allowing for a greater field of view.

Because they are intended for long exposures, deep sky cameras have cooling systems incorporated in them. This decreases the amount of noise resulting from the electronic circuitry inside the camera.

The ATR3CMOS Series is designed with an integrated heat dissipation structure and an efficient cooling module. This allows the image sensor to operate at a temperature that is 45 degrees lower than the ambient temperature.

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The ATR3CMOS series has an anti-dew heater positioned at the protection window, with 4 adjustable levels, allowing users to find the most suitable heating power for their needs.The ATR3CMOS Series also supports 1 hour exposure time, ensuring the capture of every faint detail.

The USB 3.0 interface offers a 5Gbps bandwidth. A 512MB DDR3 buffer guarantees stable data transmission, preventing frame loss. Together these features make sure that camera can work with a PC that has a modest hardware configuration.

Features common to all cameras in the ATR3CMOS series:

Camera interface M42 thread
Computer interface USB3.0 5Gbit/s
Back focus (mm) 17.5
Cooling 2-stage TEC
Exposure range 0.1ms – 3600s
Dew heater 6W max
Protective cover AR or IR-cut
Output type Video or still
Software for: Windows/Linux/macOS/Android multiple platform SDK
DDR3 buffer 512 MB

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