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William Optics CAT Series Uniguide Offer

WO CAT Series Telescopes

William Optics CAT series telescopes and accessories

William Optics CAT series telescopes are the perfect Apochromatic refractor for photographic astronomers demanding excellence in a small sized telescope. The petzval optical design uses FPL-53 glass, and provides a flat image plane without any additional flattener. The STM optical coatings and superb build quality provide excellent optical performance and unmatched value.

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Imaging Unit

The rear adapter ring features a M48 thread for mounting 48mm astro-filters, combined with tilt adjuster for any type of Imaging sensor, the imaging unit provides astrophotographers the solution to overcome any situation.

Bahtinov Mask

The CAT dew shield features a removable lens cover, with our patented Bahtinov Mask revealed by unscrewing the face plate. The clear design allows for brighter star patterns, and precise focusing for astrophotography.

Versatile CAT Handlebar

The CAT Saddle Bar Handle, offers a solid handle with a built in dovetail chamber for use with the WO Uniguide scopes, or other Vixen style guiding/finder scopes and accessories.

The CAT51/71 Helical Focuser

Internal Helical focuser geared with 2GT belt drive ring provide a camera lens style focuser that can also be focused remotely with a range of third party accessories.

The CAT61 (WIFD) William Optics Internal Focuser Design

This innovative and revolutionary design combines a precision (Patented) internal focusing mechanism with the highest quality optics available, providing the ultimate Apochromatic refractor for astrophotography. Designed from the ground up with the ability to handle the newest generation of large, heavy, high-resolution cooled cameras, the rock-solid optical tube assembly is uncompromised in quality. The movement of the focuser is integrated inside the main tube assembly, so there are no movements of a focuser drawtube visible from the outside. The user can enjoy the benefits of a traditional two speed fine focuser, while not worrying about limitations typically found in traditional rear mounted focusers.

Field Rotator

The super smooth field rotator includes markings for every degree, and a solid thumbscrew position lock.

Soft Carry Case

All CAT Series telescopes are supplied with an attractive soft carry case
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