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    Visual Astronomy, Astrophotography, Microscopy and Macro Photography can be a little complicated sometimes as there are a lot of options. If you'd like to check something before you purchase just let us know and we'd be happy to help!

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    Welcome to Sidereal Trading

    Established in 2018, Sidereal Trading Pty Ltd has grown from its roots of importing astronomical observatories to becoming a leading authority in astronomical equipment.

    Today, we proudly stand as the authorised distributor for both Australia and New Zealand for top-tier brands like Astroworx telescopes and accessories, ScopeDome Australia’s professional observatories, Pegasus Astro’s advanced power distribution systems, and Lunatico Astronomical’s state-of-the-art observatory control systems. We also carry a wide range of speciality products from trusted Australian and international suppliers

    Venture into our extensive collection of quality telescopes, innovative digital microscopes, and cutting-edge accessories tailored for both newcomers and seasoned experts.

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    Your Window to the Universe – Our Telescopes

    Discover the universe through our expansive range of telescopes for sale. Whether you’re a budding astronomer or a professional, we have the perfect tool to cater to your needs.

    Refractor Telescopes

    Designed with precision, refractor telescopes ensure crisp images with a clear distinction between colours. Looking for something more specific? Our exclusive Sky-Watcher Esprit APO refractors are a must-see, offering unmatched clarity and precision.

    Reflector Telescope

    Reflector telescopes operate on the principle of using mirrors to gather and focus light. These telescopes use a primary mirror, which is usually concave in shape, to reflect incoming light back to a focus.

    Dobsonian Telescope

    Dobsonian telescopes are a popular option due to their ease of use and impressive light-gathering capabilities.

    Cassegrain Telescope

    Explore the intricacies of the universe with our Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, blending portability with high magnification.

    Beyond the Stars – Our Binoculars Range

    Venture beyond the stars with our vast collection of binoculars:

    Astronomy Binoculars: Witness the constellations with our astronomy binoculars and dive deeper into the night sky.

    Binoculars: Providing some of the best binoculars Melbourne has to offer, we promise top-notch clarity, perfect for city viewing.

    Dive into our offerings and find the pair that fits your needs the best!

    Exploring the Microscopic World

    Steer your curiosity towards the wonders of the micro realm with our:

    Digital Microscopes: Combining traditional microscopy with digital technology, witness magnified images directly on your computer screen with a cutting-edge digital microscope.

    Biological Microscopes: Our biological microscope is ideal for studying living organisms, tissue samples, or any other tiny wonders of our world.

    Essential Accessories for the Perfect Observation

    Make the most of your observations with our range of accessories:

    Telescope Tripods: Ensure stability and precision with our robust and durable tripods, pivotal for a clear skywatching experience.

    Astro Imaging & Macro Photography Accessories: From capturing the vast Milky Way to the minute details of a butterfly wing, we’ve got you covered.

    Browse Our Unbeatable Range Today

    Being the authorised Australia and New Zealand distributor for leading brands like Astroworx telescopes and accessories, ScopeDome professional observatories, Pegasus Astro power distribution, and Lunatico Astronomical observatory control systems, our commitment to quality is unparalleled. Discover our carefully curated product range from trusted Australian and international suppliers today.

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    Featured Articles

    Using the WeMacro Rail to photograph the Sundew, an insectivorous plant

    A plant that eats animals Drosera capensis is an insectivorous plant native to South Africa. Sundews thrive in low-nutrient soil because they’re able to gather their nutrients from “other sources” (mwa ha ha!). Because other species do poorly in these areas, Sundews have an advantage. D. capensis is similar to the native Sundew species we...

    Autoguiding: how much is good enough?

    Autoguiding has revolutionised astrophotography. While your main imaging camera is off doing its job, a second camera keeps an eye on a star – any star – in the telescope’s field. If your mount begins to drift off target, the computer that’s looking through this second camera notices straight away. The computer then sends a...

    The first Astroworx telescope is now on the website

    Most of you already know that Sidereal Trading is the home of Astroworx, the only telescope factory in Australia. Over the past few years, we’ve been making Newtonian astrographs, developing and refining the design and improving performance. The telescopes Diego has been producing have, until now, been prototypes, rather than a production model. Diego, being...

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