Artesky Canon Lens Adapter with Filter Drawer for CMOS Cameras

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Artesky Canon Lens Adapter with Filter Drawer for CMOS Cameras

SKU: ART-8172

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    Adapter for Canon lenses with 50.8mm filter slider mounted

    We are pleased to present you a much desired object by itinerant amateurs, an adapter for lenses with Canon bayonet (possibly also Nikon buying a Canon / Nikon adapter) that allows you to insert thanks to a convenient slider for 50.8mm filters for 2 inch filters mounted in the cell.

    Thanks to this adapter you will be able to take wide-field photos with your favorite photographic lenses, without giving up a light pollution filter or a narrow band, using a cooled CMOS camera

    Attention: This adaptor is fully compatible with all EF lenses (red dot on the lens) but not with all EF-S lenses (white square on the lens)

    Magnetic Attachment

    The filter drawers are equipped with a magnetic attachment to connect to the adapter, so you will be sure that they can not slip during shooting, but at the same time they are very simple to change.

    The adapter is equipped with a 1/4 “photo foot for easy connection to any Astro-tracker or Vixen dovetail with a 1/4” bolts.

    The 1/4″ Bolts are available on our website.


    • The adapter is compatible with Canon bayonet lenses.
    • A male T2 thread is available on the side of the camera
    • Additional filter slides are available for 2 inch, 1.25 inch and 36mm filters are also available

    The ART8172 is compatible with CMOS QHY 183/163/168 cameras and CMOS cameras ASI ZWO 1600/294/183/071/385 and many others (Atik,Altair Astro, etc)

    ART8172 QHYCCD

    ART8172 ZWO


    • Canon/T2 bayonet lens adapter with filter holder slide
    • Filter boxes (2 pieces of 2 inch)

      Need Some Help?

      Astrophotography can be a little complicated sometimes and there are a lot of options. If you'd like to check something before you purchase just let us know and we'd be happy to help!