Artesky Extra Long Losmandy Dovetail Clamp

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Artesky Extra Long Losmandy Dovetail Clamp


    Out of Stock (Can be Backordered)

    This all-aluminium clamp is ideal for connecting your guide telescope or a second instrument to your Losmandy bar, in a moment you will have a solid and robust connection!

    The clamp can also be connected directly to a tripod, thanks to the 1/4 “female threaded hole in the centre; in this way you can insert any Losmandy bar on your photographic stand.

    Thanks to the blocking area on the whole line, it is possible to exert more pressure than the other Losmandy clamps, making the grip more solid and secure, also avoiding any unsightly marks on your bar due to the clamp closing.


    Dimensions: 255 x 80 x 118 (with screw)
    Weight: 780g
    M6 holes: two holes M6 – centre distance 25mm
    1/4″ inch holes: three

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