Baader Colour Filter Red 1¼” (610nm) Long Pass

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Baader Colour Filter Red 1¼” (610nm) Long Pass

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Red 610nm longpass filter with steep absorption edge. 

  • Passes the H-alpha line from the visible spectrum.
  • Blue and Green lights is almost completely blocked increasing contrast between the light and dark bands on Jupiter and Saturn.
  • Most interesting filter to use for observing the polar caps of Mars.
  • An optimum filter for daily observation of all the planets.
  • Multi-coated for max contrast – no reflections, scatter or dimming.
  • Planeoptically polished to within 30 seconds of arc for a sharp image at high magnification with non-ageing sealed coating edges.
  • Both sides 7-layer AR coating with only 0.25% residual reflection per surface. This is the most antireflective that has ever been undertaken with color filters.
BAA2458307 Characteristics

BAA2458307 Longpass Characteristics

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