Howie Glatter Single Red Beam Laser Collimator 2″ 635nm


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  • Single deep red beam operates at 635nm.
  • The Howie Glatter Holographic Laser Collimator incorporates a solid state laser diode that does not fade
  • or change with time and use.
  • Factory-aligned to 15 arc-seconds providing 0.1 inch accuracy at a distance of 20 feet,
  • The Howie Glatter Laser Collimator is shock resistant to keep its alignment – even when dropped.
  • Includes 123A lithium battery, 1mm aperture stop, and protective case.

Note that the 2″ Laser Collimator is also available with a longer wavelength 650nm laser. The two lasers have the same radiometric power output, but because the human eye’s sensitivity to the shorter wavelength is greater, the 635nm laser appears about two or three times brighter. The higher cost of 635nm laser diodes increases the collimator price, but it enables holographic collimation in brighter ambient light. If you intend to collimate in early twilight, it is a good choice. In darkness, however, the 650nm laser is quite adequate. 


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