Lunt Flat-Field Zoom Eyepiece

Lunt Flat-Field Zoom Eyepiece

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    Each Lunt flat-field 1.25″ eyepiece is coated with the same 0.1% anti-reflective coatings as our etalons! The anti-reflective coatings reduce ghosting and glow, and aid in providing a darker background. These eyepieces can be used for nighttime astronomy as well as solar observing.

    The Lunt Zoom Eyepiece offers what we feel are the ideal magnifications for the standard focal lengths of our solar telescopes.  It is an ideal first-look eyepiece that will allow you to quickly view the Sun at a lower magnification and then zoom in when you find interesting details.  The Lunt 7.2 mm – 21.5 mm Zoom is a great little eyepiece at a very affordable price point.

    Lunt Eyepiece Specifications:

    • Focal length: 7.2 mm – 21.5 mm
    • Barrel size: 1.25″
    • Diameter: 47 mm
    • Height: 82 mm
    • Eye relief: 15 mm
    • Lenses / Groups: 7 lenses / 4 Groups
    • Field of View: 7.2 mm – 53° – 21.5 mm – 40°

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