MPCC Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector MkIII

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MPCC Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector MkIII

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The new Baader Planetarium MPCC MkIII enables owners of fast Newtonian telescopes to use their instrument for taking stunning wide-field images, or visually, for delivering wide-field views with stars that remain pinpoint to the edge – with no magnification increase!.
The MPCC has been optimized for Newtonians with focal ratios from f/3.5 to f/6, and will deliver 12micron stars across a full 35mm frame size. Independent optical laboratory tests (by ITE) have confirmed that the MPCC is the sharpest wide-field coma corrector available for imaging, and provides the best edge of field illumination (least vignetting). Visual users have reported great results even down to f/3.5. The optics are anti-reflection coated with Baader’s PHantom Group Multicoatings. The MPCC is also priced very reasonably. It’s modularity lets you purchase only the parts you need. For imaging with DSLRs, only the MPCC is required (for the maximum field size, the MPCC MkIII is designed to work perfectly with the Baader Protective EOS T-rings). For visual, the MPCC MkIII can be configured with any of our eyepiece holders or directly coupled to 2″ eyepieces using Astro T-2 System components.

New Features of the MkIII Version:
•New Optical Design – calculated for an unvignetted field down to f/3.5.
•Improved sharpness across the field.
•Phantom Group© Multicoated for maximum transmission and freedom from reflections from UV to NIR.
•Attaches directly to the Baader Protective EOS T-ring through use of the optional adapter.
•44mm Clear Aperture when using the M48 (2″) filter thread or the Protective T-ring.

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