PrimaLuceLab 60mm Guidescope + Rings

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PrimaLuceLab 60mm Guidescope + Rings


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The Prima Luce Lab 60mm guide scope offers the advantage of a large 60mm aperture combined with a micrometric focuser and 2 guide rings.

The scope has a focal length of 240mm and a focal ratio of f/4. The PLUS 80mm support rings have 3 screws with a nylon tip for a perfect alignment with the main telescope. The 31.8mm non-rotary helical focuser allows a micrometric focusing adjustment while a quick release draw tube offers an initial coarse focusing.

Designed for use with many guide cameras it can be used as a great optical finder by adding a 31.8mm diameter eyepiece. The 60mm Compact Guide scope has an accurate helical focuser that keeps the orientation of the connected camera. On the contrary, in rotative focusers the cables of the guide camera could twist while focusing.

The precision helical focuser has a 10mm travel while the fast focus device has a 23mm travel.

Two included plates let you install the guide scope above the EAGLE control unit. By adding these plates you will have a flat base for an optimal connection with 4 screws M5x12 (included).

PLLCG60 on Eagle


Package Contents

  • Prima Luce Lab 60mm guide scope
  • Tube rings Plus 80mm
  • 2 additional plates for installation on the EAGLE
  • x 4 M5 x 12 screws
  • x 4 M6 x 12 screws


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