PrimaLuceLab Losmandy plate 350mm PLUS

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PrimaLuceLab Losmandy plate 350mm PLUS


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The Losmandy bar 350mm belongs to the PLUS system (Prima Luce Universal System) that includes a large variety of telescope rings, bars, guide rings and dovetail clamps. The bar has a system of slots, drilled and threaded holes that maximise the compatibility between parts, allowing several mechanical combinations and assembly solutions.

Each component of the PLUS system is carved from aluminium blocks that are CNC machined. Then, the aluminium is sandblasted to achieve a very smooth surface finish and is anodised (hard anodising) to increase the hardness of the material and to protect it from oxidation.

Due to its particular design, the Losmandy plate 350mm PLUS can be:

  1. positioned below telescope rings
  2. installed below a DSLR camera (connection screw not included)
  3. installed above the support telescope rings to increase the mechanical rigidity of the telescope (and it allows you to attach other accessories such as guide rings). 

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