QHY268C APS-C Format 16bit CMOS Colour Camera

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QHY268C APS-C Format 16bit CMOS Colour Camera


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The QHY268C is a new generation of back-illuminated CMOS cameras with true 16-bit A/D and 3.76um pixels. This new Sony sensor is an ideal colour CMOS sensor exhibiting no amplifier glow. 16-bit A/D gives high resolution sampling of the whole full well range. Digitizing 0-65535 levels yields a smooth image with continuous gradation of greyscale levels.

Model QHY268C-PH     (Photographic Version)
Image Sensor SONY APS-C CMOS Sensor IMX571
Sensor Type Back Illuminated (BSI)
Pixel Size 3.76um x 3.76um
Colour / Mono Version Only Colour Version Available
Sensor Surface Glass Multi Layer AR coating
Effective Pixels
26 Megapixels
Effective Image Area
6280*4210 (includes the optically black area and overscan area)
Full Well Capacity
51ke- (More than 75ke- in extended full well mode)
Native 16-bit (0-65535 greyscale) A/D
Sensor Size
APS-C format
Full Frame Rate
USB3.0 Port:
Full Resolution  6.8FPS  @8BIT         6FPS @16BIT
2048lines         13.6FPS  @8BIT     11.5FPS@16BIT
1080lines         25.4FPS  @8BIT     19.5FPS@16BIT
768lines           35FPS     @8BIT        25FPS@16BIT
480lines           50FPS     @8BIT        34FPS@16BIT
Read Noise 0.7e- High Gain, 3.5e- Low Gain
(2.7e- to 5.5e- in extended full well mode)
Dark Current 0.0005e/pixel/sec @ -20C        0.001e/pixel/sec @ -10C
Zero Amplifier Glow Yes
Exposure Time Range 30us – 3600sec
Firmware/FPGA upgrade Fully Support. via Camera USB port
Non-volatile memory / On camera storage Build-in total 64MByte Flash Memory. 10MBytes user-accessible space for stellar ROI frames for analysis for exoplanet investigation, occultations, atmospheric seeing measurements, focus, optical analysis, etc. Supports 100*100 image x 500 frames; 50*50 image x 4000frames; 25*25 image x 16000 frames; 10*10 image x 250000 frames .
Shutter Type Electronic Shutter
Computer Interface USB 3.0
Built-in Image Buffer 1GByte/2GByte DDR3 Memory
Cooling System
Dual Stage TEC cooler(-35C below ambient)
Anti-Dew Heater
Telescope Interface
Optic Window Type  AR+AR High Quality Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection Coating
Back Focal Length


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