saxon 50mm Guidescope with Helical Focuser

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saxon 50mm Guidescope with Helical Focuser

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The saxon 50mm Guidescope features a full metal build, a 50mm aperture straight-through finder that is suitable for astrophotographers of all levels. Its precise focus mechanism allows it to easily achieve focus without play or wiggle, thereby keeping the consistency of your long exposure images. For a great quality guidescope to use in your astrophotography build, look no further than the saxon 50mm Guidescope.

The saxon 50mm Guidescope features the following:

  • 50mm of aperture.
  • 190mm focal length and focal ratio of 3.8.
  • Non-rotating helical focuser mechanism, to prevent your guiding camera from rotating.
  • Compact and lightweight guidescope to avoid differential flexure on your guiding.
  • Dual mounting rings with three delrin-tipped alignment screws per ring.
  • 3.5” (89mm) long dovetail mounting bar.

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