saxon 8-24mm 1.25″ WA Zoom Eyepiece

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saxon 8-24mm 1.25″ WA Zoom Eyepiece

SKU: SAXON-514024

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    The saxon 1.25″ Zoom 8-24mm Wide Angle Eyepiece allows the observer adjust from low to high powered viewing without the hassle of changing eyepiece.

    With edge-to-edge blackened optics for high image contrast, these multi-coated eyepieces provide sharp, high contrast images.

    Compatible for use on all types of telescopes.

    This multi-coated zoom eyepiece also features a 40 to 60 degree field of view combined with very generous eye relief and foldable rubber eye guard makes this eyepiece well suited for eyeglass wearers and non-eyeglass wearers alike.


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