ScopeDome 3M Observatory

ScopeDome 3M Observatory


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    The ScopeDome 3m Observatory solutions is designed for home backyard observatories to professional level remote use. The observatory provides a large internal space that allows the user free movement around their equipment. The dome can accommodate telescope apertures up to 50cm and long refractors up to 200cm in length [including full equipment chain, rotator, focuser, camera, etc].

    Innovative 3M ScopeDome observatory features include:

    • Full height door in the dome side panel to provide access at any rotation and when shutter is open, so you can enter during a session
    • Shutter and dome drive system providing smooth and quiet operation
      Shutter power system allows the opening and closing of the shutter at any rotation [not requiring to be parked to close]
    • Shutter controller is wireless, so no umbilical cord to worry about, leaving a clean and free floor area
    • Plug and Play wiring system adapted to this dome – so you can be up and running quickly
    • Internal and an external temperature probe [one mounted on shutter gear box, the other inside the shutter control box enclosure]
    • Humidity sensor, so you can monitor your domes moisture level
    • Wide viewing aperture allows for large telescope observation
    • Both dome design and comprehensive instructions provide for an easy and fast installation
    • Beautiful aesthetics and finish not only result in an appealing look, but also a device specifically designed to protect your observational equipment from the most extreme elements
    • No flaps that protrude beyond the circumference of the dome.
    • High standards of materials, construction and workmanship, that will meet and surpass competing brand’s challenges
    • All our domes are initially assembled and tested at the factory, then dismantled and carefully prepared for transportation.
    • The 3m dome is of a size that typically does not require building permits (but please check this for location and situation – this is your responsibility).

    The 3M dome package consists of:

    • ScopeDome 3m V3 Dome
    • Door in side panel for easy access
    • Shutter motor: Yes [No encoder]
    • Dome rotation motor: Yes [with encoder]
    • Automation: Yes – Comprehensive Controller with wireless communication to shutter control – ASCOM Compliant
    • Pricing is ex-works Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia.


    • diameter of the dome: 3000 mm
    • shutter width: 1000 mm
    • dome height: 2400 mm
    • diameter of the base: 2760 mm
    • weight (with pallet): ~425 kg

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