ScopeDome Roll-Off-Roof Automation System Kit

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ScopeDome Roll-Off-Roof Automation System Kit


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The Complete kit for your Roll of Roof observatory automation system includes:

  • ScopeDome Arduino Card for RollOff observatory (Arduino card in a box, with power supply, internal wirings, mounting plate, external connectors)
  • PlugAndPlay wiring for RollOff Roof (external wirings, limit switches, external thermometer)
  • ScopeDome Card Higrometer (on mount plate)
  • ScopeDome Cloud Sensor (with mounting bracket)
  • 3-phase 120W AC motor
  • Motor Reducer NMRW 030 with gear ratio 1 : 50
  • Inverter LG SV002-IE5-1 0.2kW
  • Encoder Module with cogwheel on axle for 3M Dome
  • Cogrim Module Length 2m – made from AL5754 alloy, 3mm thick – 2 items

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