ZWO 7nm SII Filters

ZWO 7nm SII Filters


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ZWO 7nm SII Narrowband Filters

The ZWO 7nm SII 7nm filter is centred around 672.4nm (Ionised Sulphur). Deep in the red part of the spectrum it is common in deep sky objects. The SII filter detects faint feathery detail in nebulae that’s not seen in H-alpha.

1.25 inch suits the new ZWO 8 position 1.25 inch Filterwheel

31mm unmounted suits the new ZWO 8 position 31mm Filterwheel

36mm unmounted suits the new  ZWO 7 position 36mm Filterwheel

2 inch suits the new ZWO 5 and 7 position 2 inch Filterwheels

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