ZWO EFW 8×1.25 Inch Filter Wheel

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ZWO EFW 8×1.25 Inch Filter Wheel

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The newest addition to ZWO’s filter wheels for imaging is the ZWO EFW Filter Wheel 8×1.25 inch motorized model.
The body is CNC machined from a full block of aircraft grade aluminium. The profile is very thin at only 20mm deep. It accepts 8 standard 1.25″ mounted filters or 31mm unmounted filters.
Japanese NPM stepper motors are at the heart of the EFW filter wheels so you can trust the quality and reliability!

Smart electronics allow the filter wheel to rotate in both directions making filter changing fast and precise.
Only one USB cable is enough to power up the EFW with maximum power consumption of only around 150ma@5V
Even better you can power it from the USB2.0 hub of ZWO’s latest cooled cameras.

The filter to sensor distance is around 10mm when connected to the ASI1600 with the benefit that 1.25″ filters won’t have vignetting as fast as F5 focal ratio and 31mm filter won’t have vignetting down to F2.
ZWO’s newest L-RGB filters are recommended for the ASI1600. They result in nearly 1:1:1 RGB colour balance compared to the older ZWO L-RGB filter set.

What`s in the box?

  1. 8 x 1.25″ (or 31mm unmounted) filter wheel
  2. 1.25″ Holder-T2
  3. T2 nosepiece
  4. Phillips screwdriver
  5. M2 screws and washers for retaining unmounted filters
  6. T2-T2 adapter (male)
  7. USB2.0 cable

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