ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser (Standard)

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ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser (Standard)


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The new ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser is finally here!

Introducing the new Electronic Automatic Focuser, the latest innovation from the engineers at ZWO.
This electronic focuser enables precise, dynamic focus control for planetary and deep-sky imaging.

The ZWO Electronic Automatic Focuser works with all capture software supported by the ASCOM platform.
The focuser also completes the ASIAIR WiFI Imaging and control system. Now control your imaging runs from a SmartPhone or Tablet, even from indoors.

The EAF is constructed from an all metal housing in an attractive Red colour to match our cameras.
The EAF comes with brackets and mounting hardware to suit many popular telescope focusers.
Simple to fit, takes about 30 minutes to change how you image.
Simple to use, from you PC. Automate your imaging.


  • Highly integrated design
  • Support ASCOM platform and various ASCOM-compatible third-party software
  • Support INDI
  • Support original software such as ASIAIR and ASICAP
  • Support automatic focusing
  • Support handle controller and manual focusing
  • Support temperature sensor
  • USB HID device and drive-free
  • Stable and durable


  • Size: 59mm x 52mm x 41mm
  • Moter: Step moter, 35mm diameter, 5760 steps to rotate a circle.
  • Power port: 12V DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm, center positive
  • Data port: USB2.0 port
  • Weight: 277g
  • Capacity: 5kg
  • Standard Version: EAF body, flexible coupling, motor bracket, USB2.0 cable.

Mechanical Diagram:

EAF Technical Drawing

Support list:

  • Sky-Watcher Astrophotography Reflectors, Sky-Watcher Black Diamond, Sky-Watcher Dobsonians, Sky-Watcher Maksutov-Newtonians.
  • SharpStar telescopes,
  • SkyRover telescopes,
  • TS Optics,
  • Astro Tech,
  • Feather Touch,
  • More telescopes will be supported in the future. Such as TAKAHASHI telescopes, GSO telescopes.

Connecting diagram:

EAF Connection Diagram

What’s in the box:

EAF Package Contents

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