iOptron CEM70G Mount Head


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The CEM70 includes innovative operational features such as internal iPolar electronic polar scope, easy lock drive gear engagement (levers large enough to use with gloves), an advanced DC power and USB 3.0 cable management system for the mount, built-in WiFi and iGuider (autoguider and camera).

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Following up on the success of the iOptron CEM60 center balance equatorial mount, iOptron are excited to introduce two new medium payload center balance mounts. The CEM70 and CEM70G are new standard bearers for equatorial mounts in the 70lb payload segment. Both models are packed with advanced features however the CEM70G is the first of its type with an onboard optical guiding system increasing tracking accuracy while streamlining the components resulting in a more portable imaging setup.
Retaining the inherent properties of the center balance design, these relatively compact medium payload mounts deliver what astronomers expect in an efficient accurate portable mount. With precise GOTO pointing and accurate tracking (PE <±3.5 arcsec) the CEM70 is a solid performer for observers and imagers alike.

Innovative operational features such as the internal iPolar electronic polar scope, easy lock drive gear engagement (levers large enough to use with gloves), an advanced cable management system for the mount, built-in guider and camera (CEM70G), assure users that the CEM70 and CEM70G are designed with their needs in mind.

The CEM70 includes the iPolarTM electronic polar scope, and a hard case. 
(Tripod/Pier not included.)

The CEM70G Saddle includes a built-in iGuider autoguiding system, a three port USB 3.0 hub and dual 12VDC power outputs.

CEM70AG Saddle Connections

The CEM70G connection panel includes a DC12V 5A Input Power Jack, Power Button, ST-4 Guide Port, USB 3.0 Port, HBX Hand Controller Port and WiFi Antenna jack.

CEM70AG Connections


  • A new design, center-balanced equatorial mount (CEM) for maximum payload with natural stability
    Ideal for both visual observation and astrophotography
  • Payload of 70 lbs (31.8 kg) with the mount weight of 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
  • Easy to use and reliable gear clutches
  • Precision altitude and azimuth adjustment.
  • Precision stepper motor with 0.07 arcsec accuracy for precise GOTO and accurate tracking
  • iPolarTM electronic polar scope
  • Built-in Autoguider and camera
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Go2Nova® 8407+ V2 controller with Advanced GOTONOVA® GOTO Technology with built in heater
  • High precision tracking with low periodic error (PE)<±3.5 arcsec
  • Permanent periodic error correction (PPEC)
  • 32-channel Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • USB 3.0 connection with Built-in USB 3.0 Hub
  • Integrated ST-4 autoguiding port
  • Advanced cable management system with more choices
  • Spring loaded 8″ Vixen/Losmandy dual saddle


  • Box 1 of 2: #C702A
    1x CEM70 mount head in hard case with accessories
  • Box 2 of 2: #7226
    1x 9.5kg counterweight


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