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ZWO LRGB Filter Sets


The new ZWO LRGB filter set matches the sensitivity of the ASI1600 monochrome sensor perfectly. Testing proves it has better transmission and better colour separation compared to the older RBG filter set.
When used with the ASI1600 sensor, the RGB colour combine weights will be approximately 1:1:1. This negates the need for different exposure times through each filter to get proper colour balance.
Fine-optical polishing maintains an accurate 1/4 wavefront so your filters will not degrade image quality. Multi-layer anti-reflection coatings provide precision off-band blocking while allowing over 92% transmission at the desired wavelengths.
The Red and Luminance filters are tuned to block infrared wavelengths between 700-1100nm also helping prevent star bloat from IR leakage.
The filter thickness is 1.9+/-0.03 mm making the new LRGB filter set parfocal.

ZWO LRGB Filter Set – Transmission Curves

RGBL ASI1600 Filter Characteristics
RGBL ASI1600 Filter Characteristics

The chart above shows the transmission characteristics of each filter overlaid with the QE curve of the ASI1600. Note the small spectral “gap” near the wavelength corresponding to Hg/Na lights. Blocking this region benefits your images by minimising the effects of urban light pollution. The red filter captures fully the wavelengths emitted in H-alpha and SII.

We also recommend these filters for other cameras in the ZWO range. They are well suited to both deep sky and planetary imaging with monochrome cameras.

1.25 inch Mounted suits the new ZWO 8 position 1.25 inch / 31mm Filterwheel

31mm unmounted suits the new ZWO 8 position 1.25 ich / 31mm Filterwheel

36mm unmounted suits the new ZWO 7 position 36mm Filterwheel

2 inch Mounted suits the new ZWO 7 position 2 inch Filterwheel

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